It’s the tradition of integrity, excellence and five star customer service that make us an industry leader. Our account team is made up of highly specialized consultants who are dedicated to using their experience and expertise to satisfy our clients’ employee benefit needs. With initiative, follow-through and attention to details, our staff is committed to sustaining customer and employee satisfaction. They also receive continuous training, education and a wealth of resources to keep them on the cutting-edge of their profession.

The unique view we take on the ever-changing group benefits market helps us define our clients’ objectives and develop a strategic plan based on meeting those objectives. Our careful, strategic planning services include an ongoing evaluation of all their plan’s characteristics- such as access to service and price. As a strategic plan is being executed, we meet with clients regularly to ensure carriers, coverages and costs are being met. This ongoing planning and evaluation shields our clients’ plans from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge.

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Maria Grijalva - Benefit Analyst

Maria Grijalva - Benefit Analyst

Maria Grijalva is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. She joined her family in the United States in 1989, residing in Los Angeles, CA for five years, in 1994 Maria relocated to Las Vegas.

Maria has 5 years of managerial experience in a leading fast food restaurant locally. Fast food management is demanding. Maria developed confidence from this past position. Maria's customer service character development while working in the restaurant industry has proven critical to her success. Her fluency in both English and Spanish enables her to serve the broader market with confidence.

In 2006 Maria entered the insurance industry, focusing on individual and commercial lines in both Property & Casualty and Health insurance coverage for over 8 years. She has the experience on all commercial, personal bonds, and surplus lines. Her past achievements are exceptional. Maria develops healthy working relationships with insurance carriers, focuses on first understanding clients' needs and then delivering on the promise of excellence that is expected.

Maria works with the highest rated insurance carriers to obtain quotes used to create a detailed comparative analysis of both benefits and pricing. Maria's process generates objective and easily understood results. Our clientele enjoys the ability to make informed decisions based on the reports she provides.
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